Useful Information


  1. Seafood is available to purchase in Cowell and Port Lincoln, including oysters, prawns, crabs, mussels, bugs, crays etc.
  2. Best time for snapper is December till April/May but they are caught all year round bar the closure in November. Whiting are caught all year round.
  3. Everything you need food and drink wise can be purchased locally.
  4. Catch and release is not recommended as the big snapper don’t recover very well in the deep water. The white pointers love to eat exhausted 20 pound snapper.
  5. White pointer sharks are regularly sighted.
  6. If you have any worries about being seasick I recommend taking a travel calm or quell tablet half hour prior to departure.
  7. On normal days fishing, most people want to chase the big snapper or King George whiting.